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16 February 2020 - Alicante - ES

@Villavieja6, Calle Villavieja 6, Alicante - Spain

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The music project

Yukite is a solo music project from Antonio Paci, Italian singer-songwriter who spent the last 12 years of his life between Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and is currently living in Spain. A strong passion for collecting music instruments from all over the world made him a multi-instrumentalist, always trying to add new sounds and atmospheres to what can be described as a very introspective and intimate folk music.

In summer 2011, while living in a cottage in County Meath - Ireland - Antonio recorded at home 10 original songs which became a self produced CD called "Nowhere". Nowhere never went out through traditional music distribution channels until lately. In fact, at the time Antonio decided to travel across Europe in a van, trying to promote his music by the only mean of playing live shows. He made a living by busking on streets and playing gigs around Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland, Germany and Italy.

Mainly an acoustic guitar player and a singer, he also loves playing electric guitars, bass guitar, harmonica, melodica, piano, kalimba, mandolin, ukulele, sitar, different kinds of percussions and flutes.

He likes creating his own music instruments: he invented, designed and built a string instrument that he called Paciophone.
He also built an electric baritone guitar and is continuously working on creating new instruments.

Loving all kinds of art expression, he paints the covers of his music works.

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